Nov 11, 2012

Letter: Time To Work

Now that the elections are over, let's get to work. Here's a simple to-do list for all levels.

Federal: Get out of Afghanistan ASAP and stop bombing people all over the world with drones. We are not safer for this, and the immense dollars draining away must be directed to constructive programs and human needs. Oh yeah, and add 2% to the top marginal tax rate.

State: The most useful thing they could do for us would be to initiate a migration from property-based taxation to income tax for our local funding. Property taxes are tearing up our communities as retirees cannot bear the same level of taxation as they could when they were working. Besides this, Albany could put some serious effort on energy/green jobs. Germany is 6.1% solar now as a result of raising the price paid for kilowatts generated by individual solar installations. In the U.S. solar is less than 0.1% of electric generation. New York could make those same changes and reduce our exposure to fossil fuel risks.

Town: We should pave the roads. We cut paving from the budget for years now, and the roads are deteriorating. It will take an average of maybe $100 added to your tax bill to restore it, and there should be a return on that investment in car wear and tear, safety, and possibly mortgage taxes as crumbling roads are not a big seller.

Simple initiatives; ask your government officials where they stand.

Dan Welsh
Town Board Member
Nov. 11